Fencers Face Threats To Their Dental Health

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Even though the fencing derives from classical military sword fighting, few think of the Olympic sport as being dangerous. All sports have an element of danger and the quick, immediate thrusting of a fencing foil towards your person does present the risk of major dental damage. Taking a few smart precautionary steps are well advised to ensure you do not lose any teeth while participating in the noble sport of fencing.

Do Not Assume a Mask Offers 100% Safety

Relying too much on the fencing mask to protect your teeth could prove to be a mistake. An opponent or training partner who is a little overzealous could drive a foil very hard into a weakened fencing mask. The foil could pierce the mesh and tear through your gums and/or knock out a tooth.

Fencers often do not wear a mouth guard because they assume they do not need one. Such an assessment could prove disastrous for your teeth. Invest in a good, properly fitting mouth guard and wear one during competition and practice. This way, you have a second line of defense if the mask is compromised.

Do Not Wear Damaged Equipment

All equipment wears down over time. Since there are costs involved with replacing equipment, a poor decision might be made to avoid upgrading. After all, the mask is only being used for practice. Why worry about it?

Well, accidents can and do happen during practice sessions. The minute you notice the mesh starting to fray or weaken, the time has arrived to buy a new mask. Also, make sure there are no gaps in the hinge where the mask opens and closes. Even a small gap could allow for a foil to enter inside the mask and cause an injury.

And then there is a surprising fact about fencing the dental-conscious should be aware of.

Fencing Could Lower an Immune System

Strangely, taking part in fencing could actually put you at risk for dental problems. Reportedly, the high stress of training for competition leads to a weakening of the immune system. This not only can make sports related dental injuries worse, it can also make "normal" periodontal disease more excessive. The chances of losing your teeth increase as a result.

A Solution for the Worst Case Scenario

Fencers who have actually suffered from a tooth being knocked out or otherwise lost do have an option. Dental implants (such as those offered by Jacqueline Subka DDS APC) could effectively replace your original lost teeth. Even those who have suffered massive injuries to the teeth and gum have been able to undergo complete restorations thanks to skilled implant work.


11 December 2014

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