Buying Just Dental Insurance On The Health Insurance Exchange Market: What You Need To Know

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Now that health insurance and dental insurance are more accessible to everyone, you may be looking for more affordable dental coverage. Buying a dental insurance policy outside of the exchange is still possible, but if you purchase it inside the exchange's website, you may receive a dramatic discount based on your current income. 

Previous Dental Coverage

If you previously had dental coverage through your employer or through Medicaid and then lost it because you lost your job, changed jobs to work for an employer that does not offer dental benefits, or started making too much money to qualify for dental coverage under Medicaid, the Health Exchange will put your application on hold for at least thirty days. You can avoid the hold period if you apply for coverage through the Exchange thirty days (or more) in advance of the loss of your current insurance. That way, when your Exchange coverage reaches the end of your thirty day hold period, your current coverage will expire and the Exchange coverage will begin, leaving no lapses in your insurance. Just be aware that many of the plans offered on the Exchange market will not have the exact same benefits you had with your previous plan.

Kids Are Covered, Adult Coverage Varies

Children up to age 18 are covered by most of the affordable dental plans on the Exchange market, regardless of their dental needs. However, adult coverage varies widely, and you may have to choose a plan that limits how much dental work is covered for you annually. Other plans may also require a much higher deductible but cover more services associated with aging and dental care (e.g. crowns, bridges and dentures). Be sure to choose a plan where you can afford both the monthly payments and the co-pays for services rendered. Talk with a place like Bishop Michael R DMD & Associates, for more information on affordable dental services.

Bypassing the Health Insurance Section

When you open an application on the Health Exchange Market, and you open the application online, you will not be able to bypass the health insurance section to get to the "dental only" section. To open an application just for dental coverage, you will have to call an Exchange phone representative directly. He or she can help you bypass the health insurance section (as long as you already have health insurance coverage) and apply for dental coverage only. He or she can also tell you exactly what each plan in a particular provider network covers and what your discount per plan is, allowing you to choose the most affordable dental plan for you and your family.


10 July 2015

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