Is It A Dental Emergency?

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Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents cause you to crack a tooth. While you may be tempted to visit the nearest emergency dentist, not all cracked teeth require immediate treatment. So, in order for you to tell whether or not you should seek emergency dental treatment, you need to learn how to tell the difference between various tooth injuries.

Small Cracks

You don't always lose a portion of the tooth when the tooth is cracked. Instead, of noticing part of your tooth missing, you might see small vertical or horizontal cracks. These are small tooth fractures, and they typically won't cause you any pain. However, if left untreated, the fractures can grow larger and become a major problem. If you have small tooth fractures, you don't need to see a dentist immediately. However, you should make an appointment with your regular dentist and avoid eating things such as hard candy.

Enamel Fracture

An enamel fracture is nothing more than a chipped tooth. The chip in your tooth could leave a rough edge that may eventually bother your cheek, lips, or gums. While it isn't a dental emergency, you should make an appointment with your regular dentist to have the chip repaired.

Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp Fractures

If you've fractured the enamel on your tooth, there's a good chance that a small portion of your tooth is missing. If it isn't missing you might see tiny dark or light red spots of blood on the tooth. The fracture is typically accompanied by moderate to severe pain, and because of this you should see a 24-hour dentist, such as Milan Simanek DDS, as soon as possible. The tooth might need to be extracted, but your dentist may also be able to repair the tooth by doing a full or partial root canal.

Root Fractures

Unfortunately, you cannot see a root fracture. However, you will notice severe pain, swelling, and possibly an abscess, which indicates that there is an infection. The pain the you experience will be persistent, so you should see a dentist right away. Typically, root fractures are treated by either splitting the root into segments or removing a portion of the root completely.

Tooth Concussion

When you have a tooth concussion, your tooth will look completely normal. However, you might notice some bleeding from your gumline. Typically, concussed teeth are sensitive to the touch, and may be slightly loose. Tooth concussions are considered a dental emergency, so you should see a dentist right away. Your dentist will examine the tooth and the surrounding area for any damage before deciding how to proceed.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether or not you should see a 24-hour dentist after an accident involving your mouth. Just remember, if you're in a lot of pain or you're not completely sure that your tooth will be okay until you can make an appointment with your regular dentist, don't wait; go to an emergency dentist.


28 September 2015

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