Opting To Invest In A Metal Dental Crown

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Taking care of your teeth can be challenging when you have significant decay or damage. When a tooth has been damaged beyond what a simple cavity filling can repair, your dentist may suggest that you place a crown on the tooth to protect it from further damage. Making the choice to invest in a metal crown can be beneficial.

Here are three benefits that you will enjoy when you make the choice to have your dentist place a metal crown over a damaged or decayed tooth.

1. Affordability

Experts estimate that the cost of placing a porcelain crown is $825, regardless of whether or not you have access to a dental insurance policy. Spending a lot of money on a dental crown can be difficult for some people, but access to a crown can help prevent more costly damage from occurring in the future.

Metal crowns can be an affordable alternative to costly porcelain crowns. With an average cost weighing in at $500, you will be able to provide the protection your tooth needs without completely blowing your budget when you ask your dentist for a metal crown.

2. Strength

Your teeth play an important role in breaking down your food in order to facilitate digestion. In order to crush and tear food products efficiently, the human jaw has to be incredibly strong. Research shows that an adult male's bite can generate 265 pounds of force, with an adult female's bite producing slightly less force.

In order to withstand repeated exposure to these high levels of force, your dental crown must be strong. Investing in a metal crown (especially if you are repairing molars) will help you keep your smile strong. Delicate porcelain crowns can crack or chip when subjected to the force exerted by your jaw during chewing, requiring costly repairs.

3. Style

The expression of personal style through dental work is becoming more popular. Thanks to the popularity and visibility of music artists who proudly display "grills" made from precious metals on their teeth, having metal in your mouth is no longer considered a bad thing.

You can mimic the style of your favorite music artist by opting to invest in a metal crown when making repairs to damaged teeth in the future.

When you understand the benefits that metal crowns can provide, it becomes easy to see why you should talk to your dentist, like Airport Road Dental Associates, about using a metal crown to repair decaying or damaged teeth.


3 December 2016

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