Three Tips To Improve Dental Health Between Office Visits

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Most people with healthy teeth and gums should see their dentist twice annually for a check-up and cleaning. This ensures any issues, like a cavity, are caught early enough to avoid invasive remedies. Twice yearly visits also allow  you to have the plaque buildup removed before it moves under the gum line and causes gingivitis issues. If your dental health is less than perfect, though, or you simply want to ensure you maintain it as well as possible between visits, the following tips may be just what you need.

Tip #1: Upgrade your toothbrush

Although a manual toothbrush can get the job done, a quality electric is a much better option. Skip the battery-operated throw-away models, though. Instead, invest in one of the rechargeable brushing systems that use sonic waves to help remove plaque from your teeth. Unlike manual toothbrushes, where hard brushing may be necessary to remove plaque but is tough on gums, electric brushes are gentle on gums while still loosening the plaque. When used properly, the soft bristles on these brushes move beneath the gum line to remove food the biofilm that can cause plaque and gingivitis, but the bristles don't damage gums or cause them to recede.

Tip #2: Time yourself

How long you brush is important. Plan to spend two minutes twice daily on brushing to ensure you get the teeth properly cleaned. Imagine your mouth split into quadrants -- two top and two bottom sections. You should spend 30 seconds per quadrant brushing. First focus on the front section each quadrant, making sure to get along the gum line. Then, move to the back section. Finally, brush the biting surfaces and your tongue. The front and back of your teeth are actually the most important areas, since this is where plaque tends to build up and cause cavities or gum diseases. Many electric brushes come with automatic timers to help you manage your brushing session.

Tip #3: Floss daily

Flossing gets between teeth, where many cavities actually occur. Even electric brushes may not be able to get into these crevices if your teeth are set closely together. You don't need to floss twice daily. Generally, flossing once a day is sufficient. When flossing, make sure the floss pass down the edges of both teeth where they meet, since the goal of floss is to remove residue from just beneath the gum line.

For more help in managing your dental health, contact a dentist in your area.


2 February 2018

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