3 Reasons To Get Molar Tooth Implants First

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Dental implants are a good, permanent option for those who have had teeth pulled or those who are considering partial dentures. If you have lost some of your teeth in different places in your mouth, it can be difficult to get back to regular functionality. If you are choosing to get dental implants, you can choose to get several at a time. For an entire mouth that needs to be worked on, it is best to choose the molars and teeth that are in the back of the mouth. Here are three reasons why you want molar implants first. 

1. Chewing becomes a possibility

Before getting dental implants, you will need to have your teeth pulled. When this happens, chewing will become an impossibility unless you have a partial or full implant. If you don't have these in preparation for the implant, you will find that eating is problematic. Once you have molar implants, you will be able to chew foods such as meat and raw vegetables with ease. Since most people chew with their molars and back teeth, eating will no longer have any restrictions. 

2. The back teeth hurt the most

The back teeth tend to be sensitive and sit inside a large set of gums. Since back molars are also the most used, they will be a little more tender. Adjusting to having your back teeth implanted first will make readjusting to tooth functionality easier in the long run. Once the back molars have time to settle in, you can have your teeth properly spaced in the front without problems later on. You may have to stay on liquids the first few days, then readjust to eating normal foods. 

3. You may decide on dentures for the rest

Once you have some of your molar implants in place, you may decide that it is best to have dentures for the front teeth. This may be due to the cost of the implants, or it may be a temporary solution just to try another option. Having permanent back teeth means that you will not have to put your dentures inside of your mouth around the house if you wish to sample food, chew gum, or give your mouth form. Having a set of dentures as a backup for your front teeth, while you save up for or decide on implants for the rest is a cost advantageous solution for tooth loss. 

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2 May 2018

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