Dental Health Tips That Seem Right –But Aren't

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Getting dental health tips from your friends and family members who aren't dentists is a bad idea. Here are some of the myths you may think are facts if you keep listening to non-professionals' advice on dental health.

A Little Bleeding Is Normal When Brushing 

This may seem normal because many people have gums that bleed when they brush. However, just because something is common doesn't mean it is normal. It may only be normal if the bleeding is triggered by vigorous brushing using a hard-bristled toothbrush. Otherwise, bleeding when brushing is a sign of a dental problem, most probably gingivitis (gum disease in its early stages). Therefore, if your gums bleed when brushing normally with a soft or medium bristled brush, it's time to make an appointment with your dentist.

It's Not Necessary To Brush Baby Teeth

Some people think that they don't have to brush or clean their infant's baby teeth because they are not permanent. The rationale is that the teeth will fall off after a few years so brushing them is just a bother. Unfortunately, this isn't true because the baby teeth have an important role in holding the positions for the permanent teeth and helping the permanent teeth erupt properly. Not only that, but the baby teeth also help the baby in their speech development. This means it's necessary to take as good care of the baby teeth as you would with the permanent teeth.

You Need To Place Aspirin Next To an Aching Tooth

Tell a group of your friends that you have a toothache and you can bet that at least one of them will advise you to place an aspirin tablet next to the aching teeth to relieve the pain. The relief may be there, at least temporarily, but the damage it will do to your gums is worse. The aspirin chemicals will ulcerate your gums and give you an "aspirin burn." If you have to use a painkiller for your toothache, use it as directed by a medical professional. Otherwise, see a dentist for your toothache.

Dry Mouth Is Only For the Elderly

Lastly, there are also those who don't want to admit to having a dry mouth because they think it will make them look old because only old people have dry mouth, or so they believe. It is true that many people struggle with dry mouth as they age, but there are numerous other causes of a dry mouth. Medication, dehydration, oral diseases, injuries, and tobacco or alcohol use are all causes of dry mouth. Therefore, get a professional diagnosis to help you deal with your dry mouth instead of speculating.


30 July 2018

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