Does Invisalign Use Attachments?

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Most people are familiar with Invisalign, which is an invisible system for straightening teeth, but a lot of people do not know that some people are required to wear attachments with Invisalign. While there are many situations where people do not need attachments, there are also a lot of situations when people do need them. Here are several things you should understand about the use of attachments with Invisalign.

The types of attachments used

The two main types of attachments used with Invisalign are buttons and rubber bands, and these are only used in certain situations. The first type of attachment, a button, is a dentist places directly on certain teeth in your mouth. These buttons are simply small bumps of composite filling material that the dentist adheres to your teeth. Your dentist will create the material for them by matching your teeth, and this makes them less obvious, and the dentist uses them to help the aligners put pressure in the right areas.

Small rubber bands are also used with Invisalign in some cases, and you will use the buttons on your teeth to attach the rubber bands.

Reasons some people need attachments

In the past, Invisalign was used only to straighten teeth that were misaligned. Today, dentists have found that adding attachments to Invisalign opens up the potential for solving more problems with this type of system. Before attachments were added to Invisalign, more people were excluded from using them, simply because there were more limits with Invisalign. With attachments, though, Invisalign can now correct problems that they could not correct years ago.

For example, a person that needs a major adjustment in his or her bite could achieve this with the use of attachments and Invisalign. Without the attachments, it can be nearly impossible for Invisalign aligners to adjust a bite, unless the bite needs only a minor adjustment.

These attachments are also helpful when there is a tooth that is severely out of place. The buttons can add the right amount and type of pressure to the teeth to help move this particular tooth into place.

If you are interested in having straighter teeth and a nicer smile, you should visit an orthodontist to learn more about the options available for straightening your teeth. Invisalign in a great option for many different issues you may have with your teeth, and you can find out if this would work for you by contacting a dentist today, such as at Poulson Orthodontics .


12 November 2018

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