Be Careful How You Use Your Teeth

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When you need to tear something open, you may feel the temptation to use your teeth as tools. But anytime you attempt to bite something that isn't food, you could potentially damage your teeth. Instead, it's better to have tools on hand that you can use instead of your teeth.

Don't Use Your Teeth for Opening Things

Your teeth should never be used to open something, regardless of how harmless it might seem. If you're opening a letter, it might slide and cut the inside of your mouth. In extreme cases, trying to open something with your teeth can cause damage to them and you may need a crown or even a dental implant to restore the damage.

Don't Carry Anything in Your Mouth

If you are carrying a lot of things with you, it may be tempting to hold something in your mouth. Even worse is if you hold something hard in your mouth, such as nails as you're hammering something in. Rather than holding something with your teeth, you should find a different technique to hold one of your belongings in place. Even when you're holding something softer with your teeth, this act can wear down your teeth over time. 

Be Careful with Nuts

If you're eating a nut that has a shell, do not use your teeth to crack the nut. Instead, use a nutcracker. Even easier is to buy nuts that have already been shelled. 

Be Careful What You Chew On

Don't chew on anything that isn't food, such as a strand of hair or your nails. Also, even some items that are food, such as unpopped kernels or ice chips, shouldn't be chewed. Teeth should be used as infrequently as possible to keep them in good condition. Also, when you get in the habit of chewing something, such as a pen cap, it can become a lifelong habit that is difficult to break. 

Even chewing on food that is tough can be a bad idea. Whenever possible, cut your food into small pieces and make sure to cook food in a manner that doesn't make it overly tough. 

Seek Advice from a Dentist

If you're concerned about how your chewing habits might be wearing down your teeth, contact your general dentist to schedule an appointment. With the right care, you might be able to restore your teeth and your dentist might provide you with advice on what you should eat or not eat to protect your teeth. 


8 April 2019

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