How to Find Dental Services For The Entire Family

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When you are looking for a new dentist for your family, the simple solution is to find a family practice so that you can all see the same dentist and keep all your services in one place. You can choose a pediatric dentist for your kids if you feel they need them, but a good family dentist can deal with both the kids and the adults when needed.

Finding a Family Dentist

If you are looking for a dentist who can treat your entire family, there are some practices that specialize in basic care for you and your kids. The dentist needs to have experience in many areas of dentistry working with kids and adults. Not every dentist is a good fit for you, so don't be afraid to look around and talk to the staff in the office about the services offered. If you feel like one dentist is a good fit, ask to meet the dentist and talk with them about any concerns you have. 

Specialty Dental Services

If you need an orthodontist or an oral surgeon, your dentist can typically recommend someone for you. Going to a specialist does not mean you can't continue to see your family dentist, but you will have advanced care in one place and regular cleanings and basic care with the family dentist. The family dentist can often handle things like dentures, bridges, cavities, and cleanings for you, keeping the costs lower and the care consistent.

Children's Visits

When it is time to take the kids into see the dentist, it is important that they feel comfortable with the office and staff. Talk with them about the visit and what to expect, but don't be too graphic in your descriptions of the care they are going to receive. If they understand what is going on, they may have less fear of the dentist and be more willing to go in for cleanings and care next time.

Changing Dentists

If you have a dentist you see regularly, there are a few circumstances that might make you change dentists:

Relocation - If you move to a new area, you may need to consider a new dentist for you and your family. Finding one in the new area can be challenging, but if you ask friends, coworkers, or family whom they recommend, you can start with their suggestions.

Office Closing - If your dentist is closing their office and shutting down their practice, you don't really have an option. You will need a new dentist, but the office may recommend dental services in the area for you to check out if you ask.  


9 May 2019

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