The Main Goals Of Dental Cleanings

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If your dentist is like most others, he or she will recommend getting a dental cleaning twice each year. A dental cleaning is a basic appointment that involves a variety of different steps, and dentists recommend these for preventative care. If you are wondering what the purpose of a dental cleaning is, you can understand it by learning about the main goals of these visits.

Goal 1: Remove plaque and tartar

The first goal of a dental cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is a material that you can find in your mouth all the time, yet it is also a material you can remove through good oral care habits. Your dentist will aim to remove the plaque by scraping and polishing it off. Dentists can do this effectively as they can see inside your mouth much better than you can. They can see the areas that you are missing when you brush, and they will work hard to move all the plaque.

If you do not remove this substance, it will harden as it remains in your mouth, and it will turn into tartar. While dentists can remove some tartar, it is a much harder substance, making it difficult to remove. If they cannot remove it, there is a good chance it could cause cavities or gum disease in the pockets of your gums.

Goal 2: Spot problems that need to be fixed

The second goal of a dental cleaning is to take a deep, close look inside your mouth physically and through x-rays. X-rays reveal a lot more information about your teeth, their roots, and your jawbone than dentists can see just by taking a look inside your mouth. Through these specialized images, dentists can spot small problems that should be fixed long before the issues become major problems.

Goal 3: Teach you ways to prevent further damage

The other vital goal of a dental cleaning is to give you information. Your dentist can give you information to help you learn better methods for caring for your teeth, and he or she can give you information to help you learn from the mistakes you are making when caring for your teeth.

These are the three main goals of a dental cleaning and general visit. If you have not had one for a while, now would be a good time to call to get one.


26 November 2019

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