A Dental Implant Is A Good Way To Replace A Single Tooth And Keep Your Other Teeth From Shifting

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If you have a single tooth missing, a dental implant could be the perfect way to replace the tooth and protect your teeth. An implant replaces both the tooth and the root, so it's almost as good as having your original tooth back. Here's why it's good to replace a missing tooth and what you can expect when you get a dental implant.

Why To Consider Getting An Implant

An implant is permanent because the rod fuses with your bone. You won't have to remove the tooth for oral care like you would with a partial plate. You also won't have to bother nearby teeth like you would with a bridge.

Placing an artificial tooth in the gap is important so that your other teeth won't shift out of place. When you choose an implant, you also protect the area from the bone loss that happens when a tooth root is pulled.

What It's Like To Get An Implant

You don't have to worry about the procedure being painful, since you're given an anesthetic to numb the area first. You might have some discomfort during recovery since the implant dentist has to make an incision in your gum to put in the implant. However, the discomfort can usually be managed easily enough that you could return to work as soon as the day after your dental appointment.

The first step is to insert the rod in the bone so your bone can begin the process of fusing with the implant. You might get a temporary crown to wear right away or your dentist might let the implant heal and put a crown on later.

What You Do During The Recovery Phase

Your implant dentist provides a list of instructions for recovering from the implant surgery. On the day of the surgery, you'll also be recovering from the anesthetic. Initially, you'll have bleeding as well, but it will gradually stop. After that, you'll have swelling and discomfort in the area. Your dentist may advise you to eat soft foods a few days and then work up to a normal diet once you can chew without affecting the implant. It takes several weeks for your bone to fuse to the implant, and you don't want to interfere with the process by chewing on the tooth too soon.

If you are interested in finding out more about how a dental implant might be a good way to replace a missing tooth, contact an implant dentist in your area today.


26 December 2019

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