What Can Orthodontists Do For Young Patients?

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Orthodontists treat misalignments of patients' teeth and jaws. They also offer treatments to align crooked teeth or teeth that have not grown in properly. Orthodontic care can begin from an early age. Here are four things that orthodontists can do for young patients:

1. Evaluate kids' mouths for treatment

Most kids start their orthodontic treatment once their last permanent tooth has grown in. However, sometimes it may be appropriate to start orthodontic treatment sooner. A person with a narrow palate or teeth crowding may need to have their palate expanded to make room for their adult teeth to emerge. The only way to know what type of orthodontic treatment your child needs is to take them to an orthodontist. It is a good idea to take your child to the orthodontist for an evaluation even before you think they need orthodontic care.

2. Fit kids with braces

Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments. They offer great results for kids with many types of tooth alignment issues. Braces can straighten teeth that are crooked and fix overbites and underbites. Braces brackets are glued directly onto kids' teeth and are held together using wire and small dental rubber bands. Over time, the tension produced by these objects tugs teeth gently but firmly into a better position. Braces are sometimes used with headgear or additional rubber bands to fix more severe orthodontic problems.

3. Offer clear aligner treatment.

Some teens are self-conscious about their appearance and wish to avoid getting braces for that reason. Clear aligners can be an alternative for kids with certain tooth alignment issues. Clear aligners move teeth into new positions without the glue and metal brackets required for braces treatment. Kids who wear clear aligners must be diligent about wearing their aligners whenever they are not eating or cleaning their teeth. Clear aligners work best when they are worn consistently.

4. Ensure that kids' smiles stay beautiful year after year

Once a child's orthodontic treatment has concluded, they will not need any further adjustments to their teeth. Their dentist will remove their braces and give them a retainer to wear, which will keep their teeth in the right positions. However, orthodontists can still help former patients as needed. Your child's orthodontist may recommend that your child returns for annual checkups for the first few years following their orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists can also replace lost or broken retainers.


13 September 2021

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