Getting Back to Normal About a Dental Implant

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Dental implants can provide those missing a tooth or two with the most natural, realistic, and easy-care options available. Before dental implants were invented, patients chose between partial dentures or a bridge, neither of which are necessarily worry-free. Once your implant is in place, you might wonder when your teeth will begin to feel normal again. For a guide on what to expect after dental implant surgery, read below.

Some Discomfort Is to be Expected

An implant involves creating an opening in your gums for the post of the implant to be placed. Once the post is in place, the dentist will make a few stitches if needed to close things around the post. Once the anesthesia wears off from your dental visit, you might want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Aleve. Anti-inflammatory medications not only relieve pain but reduce inflammation as well. In some cases, your dentist will prescribe pain medication for pain relief; however, few patients ever need anything stronger than over-the-counter meds.

Other Symptoms

Beyond moderate levels of pain, some patients will notice some swelling around the implant surgery area and perhaps even some bruising on the outside of their cheeks. Bleeding is also to be expected and could continue for a day or more, but the amount of blood should not be excessive. Some people are very sensitive to the taste of blood and may want to find out from their dentist if they can gently rinse their mouth with warm water or mouthwash for a few days.

Duration of Discomfort

While some patients feel much better the next day, many find the discomfort to worsen slightly on the second and third days after surgery. This too is normal and expected. For most, the pain, bleeding, and swelling will subside rapidly near the end of the first week and most are pain-free at that point.

As far as returning to your pre-implant eating habits, you can depend on your dentist's advice. However, many implant patients can begin to eat normally again a week or so after the surgery. However, remember that eating hard, crunchy foods and ice will damage not only your implant but all your teeth.

Red Flags After Implant Surgery

Watch out for the below possible but rare signs that you should phone your dentist immediately:

  • You have a fever and feel extremely sick suddenly.
  • Your surgical site begins to bleed again after several days of no bleeding.
  • Your mouth is in extreme pain a week after the surgery.
  • Your gums in the implant area swell again and you have a foul taste in your mouth.

In many cases, an infection is the culprit and your dentist will prescribe some oral antibiotics. To find out more, turn to a dental practice such as Total Freedom Dental Implant Center


16 May 2022

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