The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Dental Implants To Replace Natural Teeth

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There are many things that can cause a natural tooth to require replacement. While some people will need to replace just a single tooth due to an accident, others may need to replace all of their teeth as a result of decay. Regardless of the reason for replacement or the number of teeth being replaced, dental implants will often be the most beneficial way to replace natural teeth. Continue reading to learn more about five of the benefits that dental implants have to offer. 

Benefit #1: Helps To Prevent Bone Loss

When a natural tooth is extracted, the tooth socket inside the jawbone is left empty. This empty space naturally begins to close over time and causes the jawbone to shrink. This can have a variety of effects including reduced strength in the jaw and changes in the shape of the face. Dental implants take the place of tooth roots in these sockets and prevent them from closing. As a result, individuals will not experience the negative effects associated with lost bone density in their jaw. 

Benefit #2: Provides Bite Strength

Since dental implants get their strength from the jawbone, these tooth replacements are able to provide more strength than other tooth replacement options. This ultimately means that individuals will be able to better bite and chew even the toughest foods. 

Benefit #3: Looks And Feels Like A Real Tooth

One of the biggest concerns that many people have regarding tooth replacements is that everyone will be able to tell they have fake teeth. Dental implants help to eliminate this concern by providing a tooth replacement that looks and feels more like a natural tooth.

Benefit #4: Prevents Wear To Gums

The use of traditional tooth replacements such as dentures can put a lot of strain on the gums. This is because these tooth replacements sit on top of the gums and rely on them in order to provide strength. This can cause the gum tissue and underlying bone to wear down over time. This is not an issue when using dental implants since these implants do not put any additional pressure on the surface of the gums. 

Benefit #5: No Need To Cover The Roof Of Mouth

Traditional dentures need to cover the roof of the mouth in order to remain in place. This can make wearing dentures more uncomfortable for many people. This can also have an impact on the way food tastes since the taste buds that are located on the top of the mouth will no longer be accessible. Dental implants allow individuals to replace their missing teeth without the need to cover the roof of the mouth and therefore allow them to avoid these issues.


26 July 2022

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