What You Can Expect With Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery may be necessary for some people that are experiencing tooth pain, decay, or rotting teeth. You may also need oral surgery because of overcrowding teeth, or due to gum disease. Whatever your reason for needing oral surgery, if it is necessary, you need to have it done. Preparing yourself ahead of time is important, so you will be better informed on what you can expect before, during, and after. If you are in need of oral surgery, read on for some information to help you better understand what you can expect. 

X-rays Beforehand

You more than likely will have x-rays before you have surgery. The x-rays are important so the dentist/oral surgeon can see what exactly is going on in your mouth and underneath the surface of your gums. You may need more than one type of x-ray depending on the oral surgery you are getting and what all is going on in your mouth and beneath your gums. X-rays are a part of the surgical process, no matter what type of surgery you are getting.

Pain And Swelling

You may have pain and swelling after your oral surgical procedure. You may feel this pain for up to several days afterward. The swelling should subside after just a day or two, but if you still have it long after your surgery, you should consult your oral surgeon about this swelling, as there could be an infection or something else going on in your mouth. The pain and swelling may be felt just inside your mouth, or you may feel it in your jaw or cheek on the exterior of your mouth as well.

Difficulty Chewing Or Eating

You are going to have a difficult time eating or chewing a few days after your surgery. This can occur after having a tooth extraction or after having an implant or just about any type of oral surgery. If you still have a hard time eating or chewing several days after your surgery, you should consult your oral surgeon. You should plan on eating soft foods or going on a liquid diet after your surgery, at least for the first couple of days.

If you are going to be having oral surgery, no matter what type, you should discuss what to expect with your oral surgeon or dentist beforehand so you know what you are going to be experiencing and what you watch out for if you end up with an issue or a concern.

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15 December 2022

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