Treatments Your Dentist Might Recommend For Treating Tooth Sensitivity

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Sensitive teeth can be an aggravation when they cause pain every time you drink something hot or cold. You might also get tooth pain when you eat something sweet. This condition has several causes, so see your dentist so they can determine why your teeth are sensitive and find a treatment that works. Here are treatments for sensitive teeth that might help.  

Start Using A Desensitizing Toothpaste

Use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. After regular use, you may notice your teeth are less sensitive. Your dentist can recommend a brand for you since you can buy this kind of toothpaste at the store without a prescription. Fluoride treatments you get during a dental visit might also help as this can make tooth enamel stronger so it is less sensitive.

Have A Gum Graft

If your sensitive teeth are caused by receding gums that expose your tooth roots, a gum graft might help. The dentist can remove gum tissue from a suitable place in your mouth and move it to the teeth with exposed roots. This covers the roots and reduces tooth sensitivity. You might also need treatment for gum disease if it is the cause of your receding gums.

Seal Or Bond The Sensitive Teeth

Sealing and bonding cover the tooth enamel to make it thicker and less likely to be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. If your sensitivity is caused by cavities or cracks in your teeth, sealing may not be the right solution since it's applied to healthy teeth to prevent cavities.

Wear A Mouth Guard

If you grind your teeth when you sleep at night, this could be the cause of your tooth sensitivity. Your dentist might recommend wearing a mouth guard while you sleep so you grind against the guard rather than your teeth. You can have the guard custom-made to fit your mouth so it's as comfortable as possible to wear.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Sometimes plaque buildup can cause tooth sensitivity. Your dentist might recommend a dental cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar to see if that helps. If you haven't kept up with dental cleanings, you could have an accumulation of plaque that's causing problems with your teeth and gums. Removing the plaque might help sensitivity. Normal dental cleanings remove plaque above the gums, and you can also have a deep cleaning that removes plaque from under the gums.

Get A Crown For A Bad Tooth

A single sensitive tooth might be due to a cracked tooth or cavity. Your dentist might put a crown on the tooth if necessary to keep bacteria from getting to the root and causing sensitivity. If bacteria has caused an infection in your tooth, you might need a root canal before the crown is put on.

Speak to your dentist today to learn more. 


19 June 2023

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