4 Things To Expect From A Dental Implant Consultation

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Dental implants have a variety of benefits for people with missing or damaged teeth, but a decent number of those same people are hesitant to begin a conversation with their dentist about the possibility of undergoing an implant procedure. This is likely due in part to misconceptions about what the process entails or how it actually begins. If you're curious about what an initial consultation involves but haven't had the chance to speak with your dentist yet, take a look below for some of the things you can expect.

5 October 2022

The 3 Types Of Dental Implants Used By Cosmetic Dentists

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Before you get a dental implant, you have to go through a thorough examination to assess your situation. After that, you will need to use one of the available types of implants. Based on your health and jawbone, your cosmetic dentist may recommend one of the three types of dental implants discussed below.  1. Endosteal Implants Cosmetic dentists use endosteal implants in most cosmetic dentistry procedures. Nonetheless, you'll need a healthy jawbone to which the implants will attach.

30 August 2022

The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Dental Implants To Replace Natural Teeth

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There are many things that can cause a natural tooth to require replacement. While some people will need to replace just a single tooth due to an accident, others may need to replace all of their teeth as a result of decay. Regardless of the reason for replacement or the number of teeth being replaced, dental implants will often be the most beneficial way to replace natural teeth. Continue reading to learn more about five of the benefits that dental implants have to offer.

26 July 2022

4 Tips To Improve The Dental Health Of Your Family

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You already have enough on your plate as a parent. However, enforcing oral hygiene by ensuring everybody brushes or flosses often may not be enough to keep your family's dental health at its peak. Therefore, it's essential to ensure you do as much as possible to improve your family's dental health. This includes the following. Limit Intake of Sugary Foods A common misconception is that having a sweet food served alongside the main dish is less damaging than taking a quick sugary snack.

21 June 2022

Getting Back to Normal About a Dental Implant

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Dental implants can provide those missing a tooth or two with the most natural, realistic, and easy-care options available. Before dental implants were invented, patients chose between partial dentures or a bridge, neither of which are necessarily worry-free. Once your implant is in place, you might wonder when your teeth will begin to feel normal again. For a guide on what to expect after dental implant surgery, read below. Some Discomfort Is to be Expected

16 May 2022

Why Are Some Of Your Teeth Shorter Than Their Neighbors?

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When you're young, barring any injuries or defects to your smile, chances are all of your teeth are about the same length. However, once you get older, you might flash a smile in the mirror only to realize that some of your teeth appear to be shorter, or they may have visibly blunted and/or uneven edges. If you're wondering how this happened and what you can do about it, here's what you should know.

30 March 2022

How To Prevent Jaw Strains During Dental Treatments If You Have TMD

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If you have temporomandibular joint disorder, or are at risk for one, you may be wary of dental procedures since keeping your mouth open may cause muscle tightness and discomfort. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent jaw strain and reduce the symptoms of TMD before and after your dental treatments. Read on to learn more about jaw strain and how to make your dental appointments more comfortable. How Can You Reduce the Risks of Strain Before and During Your Appointment?

25 February 2022

Veneer Treatment Vs. Teeth Whitening: How To Choose The Right Treatment For Whiter Teeth

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Stained or discolored teeth can destroy one's confidence and self-esteem. Whether your teeth are stained from consuming highly pigmented foods, smoking, taking certain medications, or neglecting oral hygiene, you can whiten them and restore your smile. Veneers and teeth whitening products are two popular treatments you can use to achieve whiter teeth. However, these treatments have varying procedures and results. Read on to find out the key factors you should consider when choosing the right treatment.

13 January 2022

Four Great Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

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Do you want to reclaim your dazzling smile? Many teeth whitening products are on the market today, but having teeth whitened at a dentist's office is more effective.  At the dentist's office, teeth whitening provides lasting results, and it is possible to get immediate results and greater benefits from proper dental assessment. Also, in-office teeth whitening treatments are quick and pain-free. So why should you choose in-office treatment the next time you need teeth whitening?

30 November 2021

How Crowns Can Help Fix Your Teeth

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There are many different types of dental crowns. Some crowns are white like the material of a natural tooth. These tooth-colored devices are often made of porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, resin, or zirconia. A crown with porcelain that is fused to metal is typically less expensive than an all-porcelain or zirconia crown. Additionally, a resin crown is likely to be the least expensive, but it may be the easiest to damage. Dentists use crowns frequently.

20 October 2021