Oral Cancer Signs That Your Dentist May Notice During An Examination

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One of the best things about getting comprehensive dental exams is that it gives the dentist the chance to detect oral diseases, such as oral cancer, in their infancy. Here are some of the things that may make your dentist suspect oral cancer: Unexplained Loose Tooth Oral cancer may damage the connective tissues on which a tooth's root is connected, weakening and loosening the tooth. Assessing the strength of your teeth is one of the things your dentist will do during a routine dental examination.

5 December 2017

Are Veneers A Good Choice For People Who Are Scared Of Dentistry?

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Dentists do their best to make dental appointments comfortable for their patients, but many have anxiety or phobias nonetheless. If you're afraid of visiting the dentist but you know that your teeth don't look their best and need dental work done, you might be considering veneers. The good news is, veneers are not only safe for patients, but they are unlikely to trigger extreme anxiety in people who are afraid of dental appointments.

8 November 2017

Have An Ugly Underbite Or Overbite? That's A Problem For Specialists

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If you have a severe under bite or over bite and you think its leading to sleeping problems, and you don't like the way it makes your jaw look, there are some things you'll want to do. You want to get the problem fixed not only so you don't have a protruding jaw anymore, but also so you can sleep better, live safer, and love the way you look. Here are a few of the professionals that you want to consult with so you can get the smile and look that you want:

10 October 2017

Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures You May Require During Your Life

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Keeping your smile looking great can often require individuals to undergo a variety cosmetic procedures. Before you are able to make decisions about your dental health and appearance, it is important to review some of the dental procedures that you may require over the course of your adult life. Replacing Missing Teeth The loss of some of your teeth can be a major dental problem to encounter. In addition to being painful, this can also cause you to be embarrassed to smile, have difficulty chewing or speaking and a number of other problems.

14 September 2017

Did You Know That Drinking Green Tea May Improve Your Oral Health?

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Green tea doesn't only offer benefits for your general physical health, it's good for your oral health too. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, recent research suggests that drinking green tea every day may lower the risk of periodontal disease. Role of Catechins Green tea contains catechins—natural antioxidant compounds that fight oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Catechins are known to reduce inflammation in the body, including gum inflammation and infections that cause periodontal disease.

20 July 2017

Finally Have Your New Dental Implants? Four Ways To Keep Your Implants In Good Condition

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If you've suffered premature tooth loss as a result of periodontitis, and your dentist has recommended dental implants, now's the time to learn how to care for them. Dental implants are an excellent way to replace your missing teeth. However, it's important to know that they'll require special care, especially if you want to avoid problems and complications. Here are four ways to keep your implants in good condition. Visit Your Dentist

24 June 2017

Getting Dental Crowns For A Damaged Tooth: Understanding The Process

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Do you have a tooth that is currently quite damaged? The damaged tooth may be hurting you. Aside from causing pain, it might not look as good as the rest of your teeth, especially if the decay is noticeable. You may even feel slightly embarrassed about the appearance of your tooth each time you talk or smile. Teeth can become damaged for a number of different reasons, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

5 June 2017

3 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants To Replace Your Lost Teeth

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Dental implants are a fantastic resource to have at your disposal because of the various ways in which they can assist you by replacing any teeth that you have lost due to age, injury, or poor dental health. Listed below are three reasons to consider dental implants to replace any teeth that you have lost. Keeps Your Teeth From Shifting Into Empty Space A major reason to consider dental implants when trying to replace your lost teeth is that they can keep the teeth surrounding the areas where you lost teeth from moving around and shifting into the empty space.

22 February 2017

2 Tips To Help Your Teen Prevent A Dental Infection The First Day After A Root Canal

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Getting a root canal is a sign that your dental pulp is infected. This often occurs in teens and younger children because of poor oral care habits. The root canal cleans out and removes the infection in order to restore the health of the tooth. Once the procedure is complete, it is important to immediately work to prevent another infection. As a teenager, this can be difficult and overwhelming to do immediately after surgery.

12 January 2017