3 Reasons Not To Worry About Speech Problems With Invisalign

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One of the main reasons people choose Invisalign braces for straightening their teeth is so that no one will know they are wearing braces. For this reason, invisible braces are ideal and very common for working adults. However, some people have a little trouble talking normally after getting invisible braces. This is not something you should really worry about though, and here are three reasons why. Most People Have No Trouble Talking

22 December 2015

Dental Health 101: 4 Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Dry Socket

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Nobody relishes the idea of getting a bad tooth extracted, yet in certain cases it's the only way to grant relief from painful decay. Unfortunately, for a minority of patients the pain doesn't stop there. If you have recently had a tooth removed and are experiencing a worrisome amount of pain, read on. This article will provide answers to four questions about the condition known as dry socket. What is dry socket?

3 December 2015

The Basics of Dental Crowns

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If you have a relatively large cavity, have a chip in your tooth or you broke a nice-sized piece of it off, the dentist may have suggested having a crown put on the tooth. If so, then you want to educate yourself on what this means. This article will provide you with information on when a crown may be the best choice, how a crown is put on and what to expect after you get your crown.

13 November 2015

Tips For Saving Money At The Dentist

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The dentist can be pretty expensive, so it's no surprise that many people are trying to get the most bang for their buck. Here are some tips that you can use in order to save money while still getting excellent dental care. Installment Plans The first thing that you consider is whether or not your dentist offers installment plans for payments. Even if your dentist doesn't advertise that they offer installment plans, you can still ask and work something out.

27 October 2015

Four Ways To Tell Your Child Might Be Hiding Dental Pain

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If you know that your child is apprehensive about dental visits, warning signs they might be hiding oral pain should be looked for. There can be changes in your child's behavior that are red flags they might be hiding dental-related pain. Here are four things you should look out for if you are worried that your child might be hiding pain related to dental issues. 1. Avoiding Certain Foods If your child is avoiding certain foods, they might have a dental issue that acts up during mealtimes.

13 October 2015

Is It A Dental Emergency?

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Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents cause you to crack a tooth. While you may be tempted to visit the nearest emergency dentist, not all cracked teeth require immediate treatment. So, in order for you to tell whether or not you should seek emergency dental treatment, you need to learn how to tell the difference between various tooth injuries. Small Cracks You don't always lose a portion of the tooth when the tooth is cracked.

28 September 2015

Three Tips To Helping Your Child Get Used To Dental Care

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When you want to be absolutely sure that your child's dental care is looked after, there are some very important steps you can take. You have to be mindful of the importance of such care, because your child's oral health is the gateway to their digestive system. Meaning, poor dental health means that your child's overall health will suffer. To avoid these pitfalls, read below and employ these tips to giving your child the best in pediatric care.

2 September 2015

Questions And Answers About Replacing Missing Teeth With A Bridge

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If you have suffered the unfortunate luck of losing a tooth, you may be embarrassed by the cosmetic problems that this can cause. For correcting this problem, you may need to consider having a dental bridge made, but there are many patients that are not particularly informed about this option for repairing this damage. Hence, there is a chance that you may need the following couple of questions answered when you are considering your options for treating this condition.

13 August 2015

Debunking The 4 Most Common Myths About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Many people have to have their third molars (also commonly referred to as wisdom teeth) extracted at some point in their lives. Often times, this is done in the form of an extraction surgery so that the teeth can be cut out from the gums before they have a chance to erupt in the mouth. Regardless of what you've been told about wisdom tooth removal surgery, however, there are some common myths you need to be aware of.

29 July 2015

Buying Just Dental Insurance On The Health Insurance Exchange Market: What You Need To Know

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Now that health insurance and dental insurance are more accessible to everyone, you may be looking for more affordable dental coverage. Buying a dental insurance policy outside of the exchange is still possible, but if you purchase it inside the exchange's website, you may receive a dramatic discount based on your current income.  Previous Dental Coverage If you previously had dental coverage through your employer or through Medicaid and then lost it because you lost your job, changed jobs to work for an employer that does not offer dental benefits, or started making too much money to qualify for dental coverage under Medicaid, the Health Exchange will put your application on hold for at least thirty days.

10 July 2015